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3 Reasons Why Should Stop Ignoring Your Mental Health 

Do feel confused about your life or are you having difficulty while concentrating? Do you feel tired all the time and are withdrawing from your friends and activities? These are some of the signs that you may be suffering from mental illness. Mental illness can make your life miserable by causing problems in your day to day life like poor performance at either work or at school and can also put your relationships with your loved ones at risk.  If it were a cold or a headache, we wouldn’t hesitate to pop a pill or visit your nearest doctor. But if aren’t able to shake our endless worries or that irksome sense of hopelessness, we act like that nothing is wrong. It doesn’t matter what your social status is, what religion you belong to, your race, gender or ethnicity, mental illness can affect anyone from the CEO of a multinational or a school teacher at a local public school. It is commonly perceived that living a productive and full life refers to being physically fit, but the reality is that mental health is just as important even though it has been stigmatised by society. 

Mental illnesses are prevalent in Australia these days despite the efforts of organisations like Sane, Grow, beyondblue etc. to create awareness about such mental illnesses, there is still lack of knowledge over the importance of mental health. As an issue that is stigmatised by society, you may feel embarrassed, ashamed and afraid of sharing your situation with anyone even a doctor. Here are 3 reasons why you should stop ignoring your mental health: 

Better Physical Health 

There is a strong link between the mind and the body which suggests that the body functions according to the brain. If one is suffering from a mental illness, they may be tired all the time or in physical pain which can affect your work and family life. This means that you are not able to do those activities that you enjoy which can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. Just as physical illness can lead to mental problems, mental illness can impair your physical health like disturbed sleeping cycles can cause fatigue and a weaker immune system can make you prone to flu and viruses. 

Less Strain on Family 

Mental illness that affects individuals also affects their families. The children of such individuals are at greater risk for abuse, neglect, and a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues. Since they can’t find any help from their parents, and they often isolate themselves from friends, many don’t receive the support system they need. In many cases, the effects of being exposed to such a situation at a young age may cause them to seek mental treatment of their own. 

Improved Productivity and A Happier Life 

Those who suffer from any sort of mental illness tend to become irritable and tired all the time which can lead to a fall in productivity. People who struggle with anxiety and depression are more likely to have regular absences from work or even being absent for a long time. This sort of behaviour can lead to getting fired which can lead to significant economic struggles. Moreover, those who suffer from even mild mental illness may have a lower life expectancy. Individuals who suffer from such an illness usually are unable to work, fulfil family responsibilities or carry out their daily routine. This is why you should prioritize mental health because caring for your mind along with your body ensures that you a better, longer life.

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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.