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6 Must-Do’s For Effective On-Day Event Management In Australia 

Precise event executions have become quite a thing in Australia in recent time to establish a good brand image across the industry. Knowing that a company cannot survive with an average or bad brand positioning in the market, therefore, all the players get very peculiar when it comes to arranging and executing a corporate, commercial or marketing events and gimmicks. Gone are the days when only used to be the main concern in order to name it a good event; today, you will have to set the tone of the event right from the very first touch point of communication than on event day, formats and processes have to be properly streamlined to make a lasting mark in the minds of attendees.

There are many event management companies across Australia, doing the front end work for you but when it comes to the back end then there’s a lot of paperwork, resource management, scheduling, performance check, and reviews are needed to be triggered. Going manual on all these tasks would become very cumbersome and tiring as you would be requiring quite a lot of manpower but all these things could be automated through timely incorporation of Rosterfy software which would eliminate the recurrent and unnecessary steps whilst taking everything in digital calculated form, presenting you with a holistic picture of what’s going on and at which end.

Life gets easier when you know the key to managing the chaos of event execution. Considering the need at hand, below are given a few tips for successful on-day event management in Australia.

Email Check-In Process Beforehand 

If you want to speed up the check-in process at the event then it is important that people are aware of the do’s and don’ts of the check-in process before arrival. For that, send them an email beforehand, if the attendees are in hundreds or thousands then your event participants management and event staff management software Australia can serve the purpose just fine for you to keep a check on both attendees and the staff.

Paperless On Day Interaction 

Gone are the days when people used to use pen and paper to cross-check the attendance of participants or to process the check-in. Today is the era of image building and for that, you should go paperless; trigger registrations and check-ins via the app in tablets or phones which are also synced with your event management software Australia for integrating information and data

Integrate Event Management Software 

Like mentioned above, it is imperative that all the key functions of your event management software are integrated with on-site parallel operations of same nature, be it regarding the check-ins or staff routing or registrations. This approach will help you in expediting the initial pre-requisites process before the initiation of the main event as attendees can get through check-in via online kiosks, QR codes or on-site badges printing to name a few.

Elaborated Check-in Flow 

Your staff at the event should know beforehand how to guide the attendees through the way to the registration booths and check-in spots. Also, proper use of signage and direction markers is very critical for smooth process execution. You can use your event staff management software Australia to serve the purpose at hand.

Kiosks Integration 

You can also set up EMS integrated check-in kiosks at the venue for optimum utilisation of staff at the venue who can then guide those who are having trouble with the check-in process while others can head straight towards the kiosk for automated check-in in order to expedite the process.

Trained Staff  

Once all the software, touch points and automated counters have been set up the next step is to have well-trained staff at the event to guide the attendees throughout the event. This very approach leaves a very positive impact in the minds of participants with respect to a company’s brand image.

Goes without saying that you should look at the check-in process as a brand image enhancer instead of as a mere logistical step. Because all your prior marketing communication would run down the drain if any mishap in customer experience occurs at the event and vice versa. You can later use the data of attendees via Rosterfy to use it later on in a more efficient way to trigger marketing communication for various marketing campaigns.



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.