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7 Unmistakable Benefits Of Automated Sliding Gates 

Every property, whether it is residential or commercial, needs to have certain security parameters along its boundaries. These security arrangements come in the form of walls, gates, and fences. As gates also act as the ingress and egress of the property, they warrant extra attention; they should not only be secured but must also uphold the overall aesthetic appeal of your house or office. When it comes to installing the driveway gates, you have got plenty of options at hand. There are sliding gates, swing gates, cantilever gates and boom gates, each coming with their own merits and demerits. The decision to choose from these options depends on the property they will be installed along. Apart from different types, these gates also differ in the way they are operated. Some gates are manual while others are automated, which are currently in vogue in and around Melbourne. Automated sliding gates fortify security, provide comfort, improve privacy, add value to your property, bring convenience in rainy weather and, importantly, are affordable too. If security isn’t your priority, comfort and convenience might drive you to go for an automatic gate. Here are seven major reasons why installing an automated sliding gate is a popular yet sagacious choice:  

They are convenient 

With automated gate installed at your driveway, you won’t need to step out of the car to open the entrance. In Melbourne, sliding gates are clearly an advantage of keeping in mind the unpredictable weather of the city. Also, how often have you gone out and either forgotten to close your gates or worse, couldn’t be bothered to close them because it’s too much effort? You won’t have this problem with electric gates; you can even set them to close automatically. 

They take up less space 

One of the major headaches of modern times is carving out enough parking spaces on your patio for the additional cars of your friends and family. When you decide on having automatic gates, this will no longer be a problem. Since these gates slide in a linear fashion instead of swinging inside or outside, landscaping areas are not affected and the parking area becomes wider. Smaller properties in particular greatly benefit by the sliding gate.  

They are durable 

Manufacturing and designing of automated sliding gates Melbourne are done with the aid of precision technology. Factors such as durability and smooth functionality are kept in mind as they are built. On top of it, sliding entrances are built to withstand most severe of weather conditions.  

They are more secure 

As their name implies, automatic and electric gates come with automatic locks, safety beams and other features that boost security and reduce chances of gatecrashing. Moreover, as stated before, by removing the need for stepping out of the car to open the door, automatic gates greatly lower the risk of robbery, especially at nights.  

They enhance visual appeal and add value to your property 

These gates offer myriad options vis-à-vis customisation as per your needs and preferences. You are free to decide your sliding gate’s size, colour, material and other finishing features. You also have the option to have auxiliary drive systems and safety devices installed, depending on your budget and requirement. These tech-laden and stylish Melbourne sliding gates can easily skyrocket your property’s market value and increase its appeal should you contemplate selling it in the future.  

They are more functional in certain conditions 

There are instances when automated gates illustrate better usability than manual swing gates. Sliding gates are extremely useful for wide openings in properties, especially in industrial or commercial ones, and for driveways that have an upward slope. 

They keep strays at an arm’s length 

Due to the ease of opening them, automated sliding doors are mostly kept closed. This goes a long way toward preventing other people’s animals and strays wreak havoc on your meticulously curated lawns and gardens.  

In a nutshell, the driveway gates cast the first impression on others about your house and act as your property’s first line of defence. And after going through the aforementioned reasons, there should be no doubt that automated sliding gates work better than all other options in this regard.  However, if you are in Melbourne, be sure to reach out to the most trusted and experienced residential and commercial fencing panels specialists in town to get the best results.  



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.