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Advantages Of Having A Domain Name 

A domain name signifies that your business has an online presence and the name acts like the display window for the world to view your business or profile or blog. The domain name is thus, a digital identity and one of the easiest ways for clients and customers to be able to find you, from a sea of websites, online.  

The domain name must therefore be selected with a lot of thought and research, since it is the identity with which visitors (clients/customers) will identify and recall your business. In fact, they will conduct a domain search using this name, which stresses on the fact that the name must be given due importance. It must possess the following characteristics –  

  • Easy to remember  
  • Short to type 
  • Easy to pronounce  
  • Sans any hyphens  
  • Using keywords related to the business  
  • Being brandable, instead of being a generic term or name 

These are the characteristics a domain name must possess. However, often its advantage to business is underestimated. The points discussed below will elucidate the value of a domain name to the business –  

Advantages of a domain name for the business  

  • Improves rankings on a search engine  

A domain name which is ideal, having all the requisite characteristics, including use of appropriate keywords will help improve the search engine ranking for your business. This implies that when users log on and make a search related to your keywords or nature of business, then your domain name along with the website, will be one of the first few top results that will be displayed. This in turn will increase the footfall at your website, further taking up your ranking on the search engine.  

  • Creates a brand name for the business  

Since the domain name becomes the identity of the business, and the additional improved rankings of the search engine will ensure that web users will see your business domain name often. It will be the first few to appear while carrying out a related, keyword search. Thus, the domain name will act as a brand name and create an identity for the business. Branding is what most business owners seek and spend millions on, while choosing an appropriate domain name can also assist with branding and creating a positive and lasting image of the business.  

  • Helps advertise the business, within the budget  

When you meet potential customers or clients, you give them your visiting card while signing off. The next time they want to contact you, they will look for a contact URL or make an online search for your business. Thus, the domain name will be what they will come across while carrying out the search and if the name has ticked all the right boxes in terms of requisites, then the next time they search they will do it using the domain name. Thus, the domain name is a form of advertising which fits into the budget too and is effective as well.  

Summing up  

Domain names thus act as a point of contact for web users to connect with you and your business. It acts as a source of advertising, an identity, a brand name which helps improve the search engine ranking for the business. These advantages must be enough to convince you of the benefits of incorporating an appropriate domain name.  



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.