All The Reasons You Should Still Buy An iPhone X 

The iPhone X launched with great buzz and fanfare around the world (well, just like any other iPhone, duh!). The paparazzi and reviewers were all on the new phone, while the audience here were contemplating if they should spend money and make the big shift or not. The answer for most of the people was yes, who flocked to the stores when it was readily available and broke the history of pre-orders the moment it went up. Though the hype has died down, because it has been a good year since the phone launched, but the excitement to buy an X among the people is still the same. Why wouldn’t it be? iPhone X is one of the best phones ever produced by Apple. So, if you are super confused as to if you should buy an iPhone X or not, let’s contemplate all the reasons you should. 

The Best Screen & Cameras, EVER! 

Yeah, we know, the title above exclaims excitement, because every bit of it is true. The display screen is 5.8-inches diagonally and has a pixel resolution of 2436×1125 at 458 pixels-per-inch. In simple terms, it is known as a ‘Super Retina’, reason being the vision so clear that it sometimes feels unreal. With HDR 10 and Dolby, the clarity that you get gives the display perfection. Some people claim that their television screens do not have that good display, and they are completely right. The display and the sharpness of it has to be the best ever known. Cherry on top, put it in under an iPhone X Case, and we are sure your phone will give you the best iPhone ever feels. To top it further, the iPhone Plus line also has two separate lenses. One is telephoto and the other is wide-angle. The iPhone X has both the lenses alongside OIS, which stands for Optical Image Stabilisation. What it implies is that there would be low-light imaging and stark pictures. Simply put, no other iPhone camera has the same ability and we are pretty sure no other phone could stand this staunch camera comparison either. It has a slow-sync as well that you got to try, once you go and buy it. 

Face ID & Gestures – There Is A Lot More! 

iPhone X has gone above and beyond the recognition, and instead of Touch ID, it has Face ID. There is a TrueDepth camera system, which projects nearly 30,000 dots all over your face to identify each detail of your features. This makes it at about 20 times more accurate than Touch ID. A complete map of your features and face is created with the help of eight different parts of the ID system. Not just this, but as briefed above, the exemplary front camera system can create a lot of digital enhancements. Though most of the people are unaware of the simple information, but there are a lot of amazing things that could be done with the help of TrueDepth. It can be used as a facial structure app that can help plastic surgeons with the facial surgeries. There could be VR games with the avatar as identical as you, and a lot more. We hope you have got the point already. Similarly, by ditching the home button, Apple has standardised the gestures by replacing the functions we have otherwise become used to. Though, we have the habit of pressing buttons on our phones to get the work done, but this genius development has paved an easier way for the gestures and actions to do that for you. Now, pressing the button to navigate around the phone feels so medieval. 

The Largest Screen: 

Another thing that makes iPhone X an absolute standout amongst the audience is that it is a small phone with the largest screen. If you compare it with iPhone 8 that was released alongside, the body is just centimeters larger, but the display is larger than even iPhone 8 Plus. No features have been compromised and without you having to opt for any Plus model, you get what you want with this iPhone. The size is neither too big and nor too small, so it is a win-win for all those who advocate for iPhones to be small and for those who want the size to beat the Android phones as well. 

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