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Champagne diamond earring versus double sapphire baguette earrings

One thing that can always lift the mood of your girl friend, wife, partner or any other female is surely the jewel items and if these jewels are of diamond then they are ready to even forget that any fight ever existed between you two. Someone has truly said that diamonds are the best friends of girls as they make them happy in depressing moments and keep reminding them about the one who has gifted them. However, it is not necessary that a diamond jewel has to be gifted by someone special as a girl can also buy a diamond jewel for herself. In this article, we will be discussing about champagne diamond earring and will also be comparing it with double sapphire baguette earrings. 

Diamond jewels: 

Jewel items of any gem or stone is equally precious and if it is given by someone special then it becomes even more special. However, diamond is the stone that is loved and adored by women of all ages and from all over the world. This is the reason that diamonds are known as the best friend of women. The reason for their popularity is not just that they are extremely expensive and girls want to show them off but they are quite exquisite and extremely fine as well. Moreover, there is nothing wrong in boosting your possession which you have achieved by your hard work or received it from your loved one. 


Earrings are the piece of jewel items that women love to wear everywhere as there are earrings made for every occasion. You can wear a small golden opal element single stud earring in your office or any other formal meeting. Then you can wear a hexagonal step cut peri dot drop earring in your parties. Then there are some earrings which are suitable to be worn in every kind of occasion be it a party or a formal evening. These earrings are champagne diamond earrings in Melbourne.  

Champagne diamond earrings: 

Champagne diamond earrings are the champagne colour earrings that are made up of extremely fine diamond that gives an extraordinary look. They are such an exquisite piece that they can be worn in every occasion be it a ceremony or an office meeting.  These earrings looks best with every kind of hair style, whether you opt for an open hair or a high bun, champagne diamond earrings are going to be perfect choice for you. Moreover, they go perfectly fine with champagne colour dress. Besides that, they also form good combination with black, white and red colour dress. 

Double sapphire baguette earrings: 

Double sapphire baguette earrings are yet another exquisite piece of a jewel item. They are made as such you are wearing double earrings on the same ear. They give an appearance of a diamond and are of deep blue colour. They look most suitable with high buns but you can wear them with loose hair as well. Moreover, they can also be worn in any event like champagne diamond earrings and are surely going to attract the attention of lot of people. 

We can see many different exquisite pieces of earrings in jewel shops but champagne diamond earrings are surely one of the finest and most unique pieces that can ever be found. They are trendy yet withhold certain antique feature in them. You can always boost amidst crowd by wearing these champagne diamond earrings.  


One thing that is equally loved by women of all ages is the jewel items. Some likes to collect them as a hobby while others like to show off their exquisite pieces of jewels to the world. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is for sure which is that girls love jewel items. Earrings are one such piece of opal jewellery in Melbourne items which can be worn in any occasion. Champagne diamond earrings are one of the trendiest and most exquisite pieces of jewel items. They are extremely appealing and can be worn with every kind of dress and in any kind of occasion. “Melanie Katsalidis” offers the best quality of champagne diamond earrings along with many other fine pieces of jewel items. 

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