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CPC40110 Certificate IV in Construction and Building – Course and FAQs 

Have you made up mind in taking construction and building as a full-time profession? Are you sure about the decision and are not baffled about the idea? Do you know inside out of the professionalism that is intact to this field? If most of the answers are in “yes”, then we are on the right track. All you might know is about basic information that varies from university to university, from city to city, and from credentials you hold.  

Therefore, in this article, you are going to read about following in length: 

  • What is CPC40110 Certificate in build and construction? 
  • Course overview in detail  
  • Course duration  
  • Pre-requisites of applying in CPC40110 certificate 

Let’s start it off by answering: 

What is CPC40110 Certificate in build and construction? 

Certificate IV in construction and building is a degree that is curated around the demands of individuals who want a licence for building business or industry. However, for the acquisition of this degree, the candidate needs to have certain experience in the field of construction. in other words, the candidate should be working in this said industry to understand working dynamics, functionality, and demonstrations to fulfil efficiency as well as competency.   

Course overview in detail  

This course is meant for all those who are wanting to become a hard-core construction individual with a full bag of experience and knowledge. Enlisted below are the areas that are focused on. These areas are the depiction of what the candidate will be learning in the course: 

  • Understanding the prime needs of people who work in the construction industry. 
  • Focus on those individuals who are either manager of building and constructing on sites; or are into knowing the bounties of the entire projects. 
  • Mechanism of working on all types of infrastructures, let it be small, medium, or large building and construction projects. 
  • Information and knowledge regarding the residential industry are broadened through this course.  
  • Project supervision, building estimations, project management, and business management are also the main focus of cpc40110 certificate iv in building and construction building. 

Course duration  

Most universities in Australia that offer these courses have around forty (equals to 280 days) to forty-four (equals to 308 days) duration with five-hour session/class per week. However, they keep three Saturdays as field or site sessions. Duration of classes is divided as per the rules and regulations of the university.  

Pre-requisites of applying in CPC40110 certificate 

  • Candidates must be working in a construction company. 
  • At the time of applying for the course, candidates must be allowed to apply what they learn in the real construction world.  
  • Candidates must also be permitted to demonstrate management skills. 
  • In addition to it, candidates must have the internet to work on activities as well as do online researches.  
  • Candidates also should have a “white card” to represent themselves as the people who contribute to the construction and building industry. 

Now that we have grasped enough information about the course itself, it is time to discuss some frequently asked questions.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Question 1: How do you think CPC40110 certificate IV in the building and construction has relevancy to the construction field? 

Answer: Everything is in relevance to the requirements of a site and practical aspects of managing the projects. It reveals how one can operate small or medium scale business in the construction industry. with the benefits of getting or taking responsibility (whatever the case implies), a candidate can learn and involve practices in the current job or business. Therefore, in short, yes, the certificate has relevance to all that is taught. 

Question 2: Do you think the course does justice to candidates. Resonate your answer with logic. 

Answer: Candidates lives are full of hard work and pain. So, if there is no justice in the lessons learned then there is no point of getting a degree. Therefore, flexibility and duration come in and plays a vital role. That is the reason why the course varies from 40 to 44 weeks. In Australia, one can start practicing exactly what he aims right after the completion of course. For that, the RPL procedure needs to be completed though. So, in short, a candidate can start his own business in construction as soon as he provides required supplies and pieces of evidence (that are required for the completion of the RPL process). 

Last Verdict – Conclusion:  

All in all, candidates with CPC40110 certificate IV in the build are highly valued and given importance on the degree and their experience.   



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.