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Everything You Need To Know About Flat Eyelash Extensions 

Glamour has become a name of the game if you have to keep up with the fashion statements and trendiest looks of recent times. As the first look goes on to one’s face mostly, therefore, it deserves to be given a special attention. It has been said that eyes speak louder when you interact with someone and hence, women around the globe pay special heed to accentuate the look of their eyes through makeup, temporary eyelashes or even the semi-permanent ones. Nowadays, people are quite skewed towards getting the flat eyelash extension, though it weighs similar to the traditional one but gives you a wider look because it is applied flattened to make your lash look voluminous and wider.

There are various materials and type of lashes available across Australia that a person can opt for based upon its preference e.g. mink, silk or anything of synthetic material. During the process, these lashes are attached semi-permanently to the natural roots with glue or other adhesive material in order to give the whole a more natural appeal and support.

Rebel Gold in Australia has been providing top quality lashes and their extension services with a vision to make the client feel beautiful and loved inside out. Their customized customer centric approach has earned them a good name cross over. If you are looking for something premium for your lash extension but at an affordable rate then it is your go-to place to break the deal or even to get personalized consultation.

The process of getting flat eyelashes sounds fantasy driven while in reality, it is one clinical thing that you must be aware of before getting your hands on it. Considering this, below are given a few things to know about the subject matter to keep your prepared about the subject matter, such as:

Luxurious At Its Best

The process of flat eyelash extensions Australia tends to be very luxurious as the ambiance oozes out warmth and peace across the room while you are going through the process. It is a blessed nap time that a working woman could wish for without asking. There are few salons in Australia who even offer you massage during the procedure in order to make you feel relaxed and pampered.

Custom Approach

It is not like you go to a salon, choose the product and get the procedure started. Rather you can customize it as per your requirement. The first thing you have got to do to get the flat lash extension Australia is, choosing the length of it which generally ranges from 8mm to 15mm. Once done with the length, the next step is picking up the material of the lash: faux fox, real mink, faux mink, real human hair, silk etc. If it is your first time then opt for the faux mink lash as they tend to look natural yet affordable. Lastly, choose the shape of the curl whether is it going to be in ‘J’ shape or ‘C’ shape or a combination of both.

Care Brings Longevity

With better care, you can extend the lifespan of your semi-permanent flat eyelashes up to a month and a half. Generally, salon prescribes that you should revisit after the 2 or 3 weeks for a touch-up but if you care for them properly by not letting water or oily products come across it a lot then you can extend the time span and also, could save a bit on your money.

Makeup On The Go

Another perk of accentuating your eyes through flat eyelash extensions Australia is you do not have to bid adieu to your makeup routine though there comes a set of precautions. For instance, avoid mascara except for the tip of it, similarly avoid using liquid-based products across the lash line, go through a proper routine to take off the make with precision. Everything else will work out.

Take Off Via A Professional

You should not go all by yourself in removing the semi-permanently fixed flat eyelashes from the eyelid because not only you will get the pangs of pain but you might lose out on all of your natural lashes. Therefore, ask a professional to do the job for you.

Though the process of getting flat eyelashes sounds overwhelming but could cost you a substantial opportunity cost if not taken care of rightly. Therefore, you should equip yourself with the before and after care regimen of the procedure in order to make the most out of your decision without getting entangled into a mishap that has not crossed your mind. That’s where consultation with a pro comes very handy.



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.