Here Are The Best Mattress Toppers You Can Buy In Australia! 

Mattresses are an important component of your good night sleep, they do not keep you comfortable and cozy throughout the night but also ensure flexibility and durability to accommodate your body postures. However, there’s another thing which further enhances the comfort level of a mattress and often go ignored or unattended is a mattress topper.  

A good topper does not only keep you warm rather offers you extra support and warmth during the sleeping hours. It is not an absolute necessity to have a mattress topper but it is always good to have one on board.  

There are different types of mattress toppers available in Australia, some are made of cotton while others are either of natural latex, egg crate foam or memory foam. Then comes, the most popular ones which are the wool toppers. 

Luxor Linen in Australia has been providing a wide range of toppers at affordable prices without compromising over the quality and usability factors. To make the best purchase, however, it is very crucial to be aware of the different types of options available for mattress toppers. 


It is one of the most commonly used for best mattress toppers in Australia. It does not only create a healthy sleeping environment but also, durable yet soft & comfortable. It is best for those who have allergies as wool helps in keeping the bed bugs away. The best wool mattress topper adheres to all the needed features of a well-chosen topper such as quality, density, price, comfort and other environment-friendly benefits. Apart from that, it possesses many health benefits as well. 

Memory Foam 

It is, where adjusts to the noise and movement of your body while sleeping, on the other hand, it is made of synthetic material which turns off people from choosing this topper option. Though it also comes in various density options but causes health issues to you and your family.  

Egg Crate Foam 

If you are looking for the most inexpensive option with short-run durability then this is the thing for you. It lasts for a couple of years at maximum, is very lightweight and provides good cushion. But it is not at all good for your back. Just like memory foam, this material will off-gas too and cause a threat to health. It is also not biodegradable and due to shorter lifespan would soon become a part of the landfill while polluting the surrounding. 


Cotton mattress toppers in Australia vary in terms of quality grades and respective prices. The higher quality would mean to spend the higher amount on the topper. Though they tend to be softer and easier to wash; but at the same time, these are not a durable option like others. So while choosing one for your room, you have to be very careful about the material you are going to invest in to. 

Natural Latex 

It is the best option for those who move a lot while sleeping or have restless & disturbed sleeping patterns. It is also the most expensive material type when it comes to the best mattress toppers in Australia.  Though they also have certain health benefits such as shock absorption which helps those people who move a lot like mentioned earlier. This material molds itself to fit and accommodate your body. It also comes in various thickness options and support mechanisms. If you are thinking about getting your hands on to one of the latex toppers then keep your pocket prepared for the massive outflow as compared to the other options.

Generally, wool comes on top as the best material to have for a topper. It is an inexpensive yet comfortable option to uplift the overall look of the bed and comfort level of your mattress. People who cannot invest heavy sums on the wool bed can opt out for a wool topper. As it would add a great sheen of luxury to the overall setting.

To find the best wool mattress topper in Australia, it is best to search over Luxor Linen as they have the different variations for each of the above-mentioned category. This will also make the overall decision-making process easier for you.



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.