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How To Colour Coordinate Your New House

Maybe you’re a little particular when it comes to colour coordinate your home, or maybe you’ve never really thought about having all the colours match up and this is something you want to try for the first time when you’ve moved into a new home. Whatever your reasons for wanting to colour coordinate your home, there are many different ways you can make it work, and also some great tips for avoiding causing too many problems for yourself.

Choose the main items first

If you want to have coloured furniture and a colourful bed, you should choose these first so that you can base the smaller things around the larger items. If you’re having new carpet, this is another thing that will have to be taken into consideration. Carpet cannot be pulled up and replaced as easily as other items in the room might, such as curtains or bedding, so it’s important to choose the right colour when ordering things like that.

Keep the furniture neutral

Once you start introducing colourful Nordik Living furniture into your home, you have to be much more careful about the other items and colours than you choose. It’s important that everything is colour coordinated, but the rooms shouldn’t look like they are too busy and overloaded with a variety of colours.

Work with different shades

Rather than trying to think about 2-3 colours, which go well together, you can experiment by using different shades of just one colour. This only difficulty with this is that shades, which are too close to one another don’t work well together at all, so you should use shades of a colour which are opposites, such as pale blue and a much darker blue. You can then pair this with a more neutral colour, such as white, cream, grey or black, and create a lovely three-tone colour scheme for your room.

Choose colours that you love

Don’t choose colours because your friend suggested it or because it seems to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. Choose colours because you love them and you really want to see them every day within your home. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether people think they match well together or if they are popular colours that most people love – it’s your home and the only way you’ll be truly happy living in it is by choosing the colours and items which really take your fancy.

Don’t choose colours which are difficult to find

It’s nice to use colours, which are more rare and unique, but try not to choose colours that are very difficult to find. This will only result in a situation where it’s very difficult to find anything you like which matches a certain colour. You will be restricted in terms of the styles and designs you can choose for the rooms around your home, and you might be forced to either change your colour scheme slightly or buy items that you don’t even really like very much.




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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.