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How To Keep Your Skin Young On The Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet seems to address a great deal of the so-called modern health issues and many people claim they thrive on it. However, one of the common worries is that of skin appearance and health. Given the diet involves the consumption of generous amounts of meat people are often worried on the damage it may cause to skin – in particular the aging effect.

Given the restrictions of the paleo diet, you need to change your skincare regimen. It’s understandable that this step leaves many confused. We’ll help you begin and instill good change.

Work on the collagen levels

Collagen protein is present in many face creams and has a decisive role in the appearance of one’s skin. It’s what keeps it youthful and ‘tight’ instead of saggy and tired. A more efficient method than cream application is that of using this precious ingredient “from the inside”. Stoneage Health‘s collagen protein powder Australia is a handy supplement that delivers the right kind of nutrition to your skin and is also in line with the paleo diet. The best form is marine collagen and is sourced from wild-caught fish. The superior range of such supplements features formulations enriched with antioxidants, minerals and important amino acids. In addition, while it works to restore your skin, it also has a rejuvenating, strengthening effect on your hair and nails.

Focus on organic cosmetic brands

You need a major change in the makeup department. What you must do is to stop purchasing the usual synthetic chemical products from common brands and move instead towards the natural and organic. More and more companies of this kind emerge on the market and your local drugstore probably already has at least one such cosmetic line. Does a skin or makeup product has non-natural chemicals in it? Dispose it off. Remember that the paleo diet means returning to what’s natural and beneficial to our body.

The probiotic regimen

If you start to supplement with probiotics, you will soon see a major effect on your skin. Probiotics are the good bacteria in the intestine, which have a tremendously important to immunity and health. When the gut isn’t properly populated with such bacteria, it starts to leak (leaky gut syndrome) or no longer digests food properly. Noxious compounds or by-products of digestion may then enter the bloodstream. In consequence, the toxins travelling throughout your body may lead to flare-ups and all kinds of skin issues. All will clear up when you’re starting to take care of your gut by adding probiotics to your diet.

Getting enough fat

The paleo diet is supposed to give you plenty of fat. However, some people prefer to avoid lipids, as they may have trouble digesting these or are afraid they might put on weight. In many cases, they end up getting too little fat – and the skin craves it. Start incorporating oils into your daily routine – coconut and olive oils are a real treasure. Massage your body as well as your visage and, in time, this will even regulate your sebum production.

Staying away from processed foods and especially from sugars is expected to do much good to your skin anyway. If you still have problems or your food isn’t as clean as it should be, or you’re living in a highly polluted area and there isn’t much you can do, apply these tips to keep your skin glowy and lovely.

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