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How To Make Your Apartment Look More Expensive

Stuck in a drab apartment that looks just as cheap as it is? You don’t have to be miserable living there. There are neat redecorating hacks any dissatisfied apartment dweller can try to make even the crappiest apartment look luxe. Read ahead for affordable tips that will make your apartment look like it belongs to someone a lot fancier:  

Go Vintage 

Vintage style nearly always indicates good taste and money. Vintage items are expensive, so having one or two classy-looking things at your place would make it look a lot fancier than it is. Of course, you won’t be able to put a vintage grand piano in there. Instead, look for small items. Small vintage crystal door knobs, desktop ornaments, and tiny light fixtures can dramatically improve the outlook of your flat. These items don’t cost much either. A decent vintage door handle might cost you ten or twenty dollars. But the effect would look as if it cost you hundreds of dollars.  

Repaint Walls in a Chic Colour 

Choose a hip and modern shade to repaint the walls in your apartment. Instead of the same on white or beige, choose a trendy shade like jade green, day-glow yellow, or royal purple. Your place would look a dozen times trendier than it used to be. Be careful when repainting though. It might be best if you redo the whole colour scheme. Find a paint shade with furniture in mind. You can improve the paint job with accents in brighter the bolder colours. Consider what’s already in your apartment and determine the colour that’s going to best suit it in a more positive light.  

Replace Small Parts of the Kitchen  

No matter what modifications you do elsewhere, if the kitchen is boring, then the whole apartment would look boring. There are little things homeowners can do to improve the functionality and looks of a modern kitchen. You can hide ageing cabinets by repainting them in a bright, new colour. The looks of floor cabinets with peeling varnish can be upgraded by pasting old wallpaper over the hideous exteriors. Replace existing door handles with antique kitchen handles, which wouldn’t cost a lot more than buying a cheap knob new.  

Put Book in that Shelf or Cabinet 

What’s that one thing all rich households are defined by? A library, or at least a reading place. You may not have the money to convert one of your rooms fully into a library, but you can try something smaller. Do you have any cabinets or shelves in the living room where you keep ornaments? Get rid of the ornaments and redo the space with books instead. Arrange a small reading area in your apartment and you would increase its value by several thousand dollars.  

Buy Organizers 

You should de-clutter your apartment anyway. But when you do so, you can make the place look more expensive by buying organizers. You can handmade fancy organizers as well. For example, do you have any used makeup holders lying around? These can act as charming holders for little things in your apartment. Bathrooms can definitely be improved with DIY clutter organizers.  

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your apartment look more expensive. Be creative and try one or two of the suggestions above to see what happens.  





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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.