Learn about Baby Sleeping Bags 

Advantages of Baby Sleeping Bags 

If you passed by a baby sleeping bags sale and you’re wondering whether you should get one for your child or not, you’ve come to the right place. This piece of writing will introduce you to one of the blessings of 21st century for the newborn babies. If this is your time being a parent, you might not be aware of sleeping bags and their importance, but don’t you worry because this is what this article is about.

We all crave for a peaceful sound sleep every night. After the entire day of hustle and struggle, sound sleep seems to be a reward. It might come as a surprise to you, but the babies want the same thing. After the entire day full of crying, the babies do crave for a peaceful sleep and this is what baby sleeping bag gives them. The baby sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes and having known the age of your child, you can pick the right fit for you baby. This would make your baby feel safe and secure in the bag and also keep your baby at a moderate temperature. Keeping your baby from overheating is usually an issue because parents tend to be overprotective and wrap their babies in multiple layers of blankets. These sleeping bags prevent your baby from overheating and give your baby just the right temperature that is required for a peaceful sleep. Sleeping bags also prevent your baby from slipping out of the bag, unlike the situation with blankets when you have to constantly check to see if the baby slipped out of the blanket. Some sleeping bags come with attached hoods to keep your baby’s head warm in cold nights.

The risk of SIDS with Baby Sleeping Bag 

Many parents are concerned about the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDS, in babies wrapped in warm blankets. Sleeping bags help in that too. Baby sleeping bags are specially designed for babies and so, they minimize any risk of SIDS. Moreover, they fit your baby perfectly so your child doesn’t slip out of the blanket at night and experience any sudden change in temperature. The sleeping bags for babies have been marked with a special unit, Tog, that helps you find the bag for your suitable weather conditions. This further reduces any chance of overheating due to cover.

Choose the right size 

Choosing the right size of sleeping bag for your baby is very important. The ultimate purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide the baby the sense of security for a sound sleep and it does that by mimicking the feel of womb. For this, it is very important that you pick the right size of the sleeping bag. If the bag is too big, your baby might slip out of it at night and experience a sudden change in temperature, which can be dangerous, especially in cold winter nights. Another risk with an oversize sleeping bag is that your baby might cover its head in sleep.

On the contrary, a sleeping bag that is too small, is just as dangerous. It can cause some instant unwanted effects such as discomfort of your child, to long term effects such as limb deformation. Therefore, when you’re choosing the sleeping bag for your baby, make sure you’re choosing the right size.

Choose the right Tog 

If this is your first-born or if it’s your first experience with baby sleeping bags, you might not be aware of the unit ‘Tog’. This unit is used to make sure you choose the right temperature of sleeping bag for your child. Before buying the sleeping bag, you should check the temperature of the room where your baby would be. Then, you can get the sleeping bag for the particular temperature. You will find the sleeping bags with the following Tog variants;

24 degrees or more: 0.5 Tog

21-23 degrees: 1 Tog

18-20 degrees: 2.5 Tog

If the temperature is lower than 18, you should use a 2.5 Tog sleeping bag along with a light blanket to keep your baby warm. It is highly recommended that you measure the temperature of the room before using the blanket every night. This helps in making sure you’re not suffocating your newborn.

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