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Building a home or an office is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re monitoring every step yourself. It requires the hectic duty of not only ensuring that the workers perform the assigned tasks, but also ensure the availability of material needed for construction. This is often the reason for delay in completion of a project. Due to miscalculation or false estimation, there is usually less material that is required for the job, which causes a delay in work. Similarly, surplus of material can cause financial loss as the material cannot be sold back. This is usually a matter of frustration for the supervisors as it is quite difficult to estimate the amount of construction material required. This is where a building estimator saves your life! 

A building estimator, through right knowledge and expertise, quantifies the amount of material required to finish a certain project. This saves you from scarcity of material, or excess and wastage of the material and most importantly, from the delays in completion deadlines. A building estimator will utilize their theoretical knowledge to make a precise estimation of the amount of material that will be required to finish a project, be it for a residential or a commercial building.     

What do you need to work as Building estimator?  

Does building estimator sound like a job in demand? It really is. But, how do you become a professional building estimator? It requires a diploma in Building and Construction or the usually chosen option of certificate iv in building estimating.  

Qualification of Certificate iv in building estimating 

The qualification of certificate iv in building estimating ensures the required knowledge for building estimator. The curriculum of this certificate covers the prerequisites of building estimation and scheduling.  

The construction industry requires the candidates to be trained in practical skills and so, the curriculum has been designed to meet this requirement. The certificate allows the candidate to be able to run a small to medium scare construction business upon competition of the course. This certification is also a gateway for all those who are dreaming of entering the construction business, especially as a building estimator.  

In addition, the certification also covers various domains under management of a construction project, for instance, risk management, contracts, estimations of costs etc.  

Certificate iv in building estimating covers the various levels of construction projects: industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The certification prepares the candidate for all types of construction projects, and focuses mainly on the managerial domain. 

The certification trains the candidates for a future as builder, estimator, construction site manager or a foreman. It covers a wide variety of topics of construction.  

Entry Requirements 

One of the great things about Certificate iv in building estimating is that, it usually does not require any specific educational background for one to enter this field. This certification is open to anyone who is enthusiastic about the construction projects management. Some institutions might consider past experience in construction, as a parameter to judge candidate’s interest in the field. Nevertheless, there are no formal educational requirements that one needs to meet before opting for this certification. It is open to anyone who wishes to gain insights of construction projects management. 

Job Prospect of a Construction Estimator 

Certificate iv in building estimating does not limit your career to an estimator alone. This certification entitles you to: 

  • Assist construction managers in planning steps of construction. 
  • Assist surveyors in precise and reliable estimation.  
  • Assist architects in planning and designing maps, charts and other construction drawings for the project. 
  • Ensure efficient coordination during the entire project.  
  • Ensure the maintenance of standard in materials. 
  • Precisely estimate costs for different milestones in project. 
  • Estimate timeline for the project. 

The aforementioned tasks highlight the diverse duties that a building estimator can perform. This is due to the broad curriculum of Certificate iv in building estimating, which prepares and trains the candidates for nearly all aspects of a construction project. Furthermore, since the course has no requirement for formal education, the course covers the basics as well as in-depth details of construction projects. This is what makes the candidate prepared for a variety of tasks in construction projects.   

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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.