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Learn All About Truck Maintenance To Save Yourself From Expensive Mistakes 

Maintenance guide for Truck owners 

A truck can take up many forms depending on its function. It may be a heavy duty truck that carries heavy equipment from one part of the country to another or it could be a light-duty truck that carries your goods inside Brisbane. Whatever the form or purpose of the truck may be, this heavy vehicle requires persistent maintenance, else It causes repair worth thousands of dollars. The vehicle is usually made to survive the toughest of conditions, especially weather. However, like any other man-made vehicle, it needs to be maintained and taken care of. Mack truck repairs Brisbane can cost you a lot! Therefore, paying attention to the preventive maintenance checks can save you from a lot of trouble. Make these tips a part of your operating routine.

Lubrication of the parts 

A key part of maintaining the truck is lubrication. In order to maintain proper functionality of the components, the lubrication schedule needs to be followed strictly. Your truck will have a manufacturer’s manual with it. In this manual, the recommended schedule of lubricating schedule will be mentioned. The interval is usually mentioned in the form of miles or time. Take note of this and perform the change of oil according to this. Moreover, it’s not only the engine oil and the filters that you need to take care of, different components require lubrication in order to function properly. Lack of lubrication in these parts can cause wear and tear, shortening the life of your part. Lubrication is especially important because a single worn out part damages other parts, sabotaging the performance of other systems.  

Checking the braking system 

Every year, thousands of trucks face fatal accidents due to brake failure. This is usually a result of negligence in checking the braking system of the truck. Being a heavy vehicle, the braking system of trucks is a sensitive issue. The drums, rotors, brake linings and other components need to be inspected after regular intervals, especially for any leakage of fluid or any worn out part. Negligence in checking the braking system after regular intervals is usually the cause of terrible accidents. This not only puts the life of the driver at risk, but also the truck itself, which is indeed a huge investment. Therefore, brake system needs to be checked for any failure or need of repair before operating the truck.  

Checking the Bolts 

This task is something that is required less frequently than the former two maintenance tasks. However, this is an equally important action that needs not to be neglected under any circumstance. The bolts of the chassis and suspension system loosen up after certain miles. This is usually defined in the manufacturer’s manual. It also depends on your usage. If you’re using the truck for carrying heavy goods, the bolts are more likely to be in need of tightening after certain no. of miles, than they’d be if you’re using the truck for some other light-duty task. The interval of tightening the bolts is usually defined so follow the instructions as per the manual.  

Checking the fuses 

This is something that is easy to check. The electrical system of the truck uses different fuses that you need to check before setting off for a long journey. These fuses may be of different light bulbs or even the horn of the truck. Although not as crucial as the earlier tasks, this still needs to be taken care of, especially before proceeding on long journeys.  

Checking the gasket 

This task is also easy to perform, but very important. Check the gasket for any leakage or damage. In order to avoid compromise on safety, replace the gasket as soon as you notice any damage. This is a fairly easy task, but it does need some expertise and it might cause some delay as the engine usually needs to be dismantled in order to reach the gasket.  

Keep the stock filled 

This is a purely preventive maintenance task. Do not wait for the problem to arise. Fill up the stock for the frequently used parts before some part fails. The expected life of most components is usually defined in the manual. Keep your stock filled with these components before their need arises.   

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