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Set Your Brand Apart With New-Age Plastic!  

In today’s day and age, everything is art. From furniture, to clothes, jewellery, makeup; just about everything under the sun is a form of art and expression. Everything now has to have that uniqueness and has to be an expression of the individual who owns it or wears it. It has now become the primary mode of effective advertisement, as a product that is artfully advertised in a way that showcases its real vision is the only product that becomes successful. Every other product which is advertised in a run of the mill way, and lacks uniqueness and that personalised touch is discarded quickly and rejected. With such a situation at hand, companies need to make sure that they really put themselves out there when advertising their products. This encompasses not just digital advertisement, but also the way the product is actually presented, in the packaging. Now, packaging needs to be bespoke, artsy and mesmerising to catch the consumers’ attention. Not only this, but the packaging needs to show the product properly and this is something that can only be achieved by plastic packaging, which can not only be completely tailored to your product, but can also be the perfect way to show the product to the consumer. That being said, here are three products which can be most effectively advertised using plastic packaging.  

  1. Stationary items can be advertised perfectly using plastic packaging as it can really show the product to be bought. With plastic packaging the customer can see all the pencils, erasers, markers and pens that they wish to buy. This way, the customer can always know exactly what kind of product it is that they are buying and can be sure that they will not be in for any nasty surprises such as broken or missing products. Furthermore, the packaging can be tailored to the particular stationary product that you’re selling. Nothing can be better than stationary items such as notebooks and writing materials that come housed in their own perfect packaging! 
  2. Makeup products are one of the most popular products sold anywhere. Regardless of what the product is, with plastic packaging the customers can see the exact shade and texture of the makeup that they are buying, and they can thus rest easy about their purchase and know what they are getting into. Furthermore, plastic packaging can be the best way to show the makeup in all its glory by designing packaging that fits the brand vision and also the makeup products. Depending on the vision and the product, designers can help you get the best packaging, whether you want it to be sleek, traditional, quirky or classy. This way the clear plastic packaging can speak volumes about the product and can thus attract customers.  
  3. While the products mentioned earlier may seem simple enough to market with clear plastic packaging, an unconventional pairing can be of plastic packaging and a plant box. Visualise plant boxes allow us to grow seedlings on a small scale, where we can see the seedlings grow before our eyes. This is made possible only by the high clarity and scratch resistance provided by the high quality plastic box. Furthermore, while it may seem utterly ironic to grow plants in a material widely recognised as one of the most harmful materials to the environment, the case is entirely the opposite. These plant boxes are made of PET plastic, which is degradable and can be used to make several products through recycling. This can make the pairing of nature friendly plastic and plants the best one all around.  

With a seemingly endless capacity to be moulded to any form, plastic remains one of the most popular ways to package products, due to its clarity, strength, resistance to natural elements and other harm and the versatility of its form. While using traditional plastic is a choice that many of us never want to make, PET plastic can be the best option, as it is the ultimate way to showcase your product. It can keep it safe from any natural elements and germs, and the product can reach the consumer as if it was just freshly out of the factory. HLP Klearfold is a company that makes PET plastic, and can help you design the clear packaging that will set your brand apart.  



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.


Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.