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Sub Floor Area Inspection

If you are investing in an ancient home or a house that has been built according to old styles, do know that it will certainly include a subfloor. Since the subfloor is not something we see  often, it can get damaged and infested quite easily. This is why it is important to conduct a subfloor inspection. This process will reveal the underlying defects of the subfloor and will prevent your house from getting damaged as a result.

Pest Infestations

When subfloors are poorly ventilated, they become ideal spots for timber pests and other types of rodents. Wood borers, termites and wood decay are some common pest problems that your subfloor might experience. The damp state caused due to poor ventilation can also affect the structural quality of the steel work and lead to corrosion as well. Therefore, you must conduct an inspection to find out these pests and eliminate them before they ruin your safe haven. It is always good idea to have pre sale property inspections in Melbourne for long term peace of mind.

Pipes are Important

Since the pipes run through this space, it is important for you to keep an eye out. Most modern homes include concrete slabs underneath the flooring and therefore are not adversely affected by these pipes. However, when you have a timber sub floor, even the slightest leakage from the pipes can lead to serious consequences. This leakage will not only lead to the degradation of the building, but it will also lead the way for pest infestations.

Less Attention

Although we give a great deal of importance to your floors, we often forget that the subfloors do exist underneath the actual flooring. Remember that if the subfloor gets affected, the actual flooring will get damaged too. Since there is not much attention to these areas, problems can deteriorate quickly and easily. Therefore, these inspections must definitely be conducted on a regular basis.

Greater Consequences

If there is poor ventilation in the subfloor area, it will get damp and lead to pest infestations. This is something that most of us know. However, what we do not know that is that a damaged subfloor can affect the entire household. Not only will it weaken the overall flooring of the house, but it can also make the atmosphere feel colder. You will also become more vulnerable to various illnesses. Moreover, if the area experiences a leakage, there will also be unpleasant odors in the atmosphere too.

As you can see, ignoring the subfloor can lead to serious problems and heavy costs. Therefore, it is important to conduct a subfloor inspection at least once a year. This will eliminate the unnecessary consequences. Browse more about combined building inspection here.

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