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The 5 Key Benefits Of First Aid Employee Training

Accidents and emergency situations can occur anytime, anywhere. This is why public institutions, as well as private businesses, have started equipping their employees with basic medical assistance training to ensure safety and health security.  

There was a time when employer used to feel hesitant about conducting first aid training for the employees but with the passage of time, many have started organizing on-site certifications from basic to advance levels for employees by considering its long-run benefits. And also, to make the workplace a healthy and conducive one for productivity.  

It is a legal requirement in many states that if an employee comes across an accident at the workplace then he should be provided with immediate assistance and treatment. Moreover, it is necessary that all essential tools and equipment of first aid as well as to handle emergency situations are available at the business centers.  

Complying with ethical and legal work practices is not easier especially when it comes to employee’s safety and health measures. Wilson Medic One has been providing such training in Australia by using interactive situation based learning methods while ensuring that employer gets the most out of the scheduled training for its organisation.  

5 Key Benefits of First Aid Training for Employers 

There are 5 important constituents of Wilson Medic One’s pre-hospital care training programs which ensure optimum benefits for an employer, such as: 

Saving Lives 

Being able to provide basic first aid Brisbane as well as advance resuscitation aid at the workplace, even before the arrival of professional medical assistance, enhances employees’ citizenship as well as credibility for the company. All these courses touch basis with CPR and when your employees are aware of the right CPR techniques then it gets easier for a company to handle haphazard injury prone situations in a better way. 

Minimising Occupational Hazards 

Another striking advantage of first aid training courses is you can minimise the hazardous situations by pinpointing them beforehand. When there are more employees at a workplace with proper safety training then there are more chances that they would highlight the risks or situations of accidents at the workplace beforehand and hence, would undertake the precautionary measures as well according to their level of knowledge and training. 

Right Use of First Aid Kits 

When one of the trained first aid personnel would be made responsible of managing the first aid kit at the workplace then it could be ascertained that emergency kit would always be in a ready-to-use mode with all the right medicines, tools and equipment. Also, there would be no shortage of anything in the hours of need. When a company is prompt at reacting to an emergency situation then it will also be able to lower the impact of an injury that promptly.  

Quicker Recovery Time 

Another impact of first aid courses is that employees would be quicker at reacting to an emergency situation and; with their knowledge, would provide medical assistance to the patient even before the arrival of professional emergency services. This does not only relieve the patient but also shorten the recovery time as a result, they could get back to work quickly.  

Lifelong Skill 

First Aid is a skill that looks great on the CV as well as predominant. By providing such training to employees, you are not only making them ready to administer their newly found skill in the situation of emergencies but you are also equipping them with a lifelong skill. Something that stays with them for the rest of their lives and would enable them to help their relatives, family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers whenever needed.  

Nowadays companies are investing a lot in maintaining their public image by being socially aware. First Aid training is one of the great ways to gain mutual benefits and returning something valuable back to the society and community.  When an employer arranges first aid training for its employees, it does not only start from the scratch rather enhances the skill set by conducting more training after a certain time period from basic to semi-pro to advance levels. Wilson Medic One helps employers in planning the holistic-program approach as well as the duration of each program while also considering the time-frame of the no-training period in between. Their partnership works very effective for many employers in Australia. 



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.