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Things To Consider Before Getting Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgeries around the world. There are a lot of women who opt for it yearly, not only to get an enhanced breast experience, but to get over various widely-spread issues as well. While there should be no qualms, if you want to get breast augmentation. Want to get the surgery? Go get it! We will never stop you from that, because you have to get it done if it is the right thing for you. However, keep your pros and cons at bay. There are times when you need to be extremely vigilant with getting the augmentation done. Just with any other surgery or going under the knife due to any reason, there are various factors you should consider while receiving a breast augmentation. What are those? We have listed them down for you. 

Breast Augmentation Cannot Fix Sagging Breast: 

Most of the people have this general misconception that once they get the breast augmentation done, their sagging breast will become normal. Well, there is no magic wand here. You cannot just get the surgery and fix the sagginess. What you need to know here is that if you get the volume increased by going through the surgery, you might worsen your situation. The sagging appearance can aggravate due to the increase in volume. Here, what you should know is that, in order to overcome this situation, a breast lift is the appropriate choice. Breast lifts remove any excess tissues that you have and tightens the remaining ones. The nipples and areolas can be repositioned to give your breast the fresh appearance. You can easily choose an expert breast lift and implants Brisbane professional for the procedure. The reason we are telling you this is so you do not confuse both of these procedures with each other. Hence, be careful while making the choice, so you don’t end up destroying the entire outlook. Getting both the treatments together will extremely be beneficial and suitable for all those who have undergone a baby birth, so the breastfeeding, which means they are in a need to uplift their breast.  

Replacement & Additional Breast Surgeries: 

This isn’t a one-time surgery. You don’t just go through it and forget about it. Most of the women who get the breast augmentation done, don’t do a proper research. You need to find out the complete details or sit with a consultant to understand the complete details. Starting off with the point again, while modern breast implants are safe and do not have any side-effects, they are not long-lasting or have a lifetime of work. As mentioned, even though the modern surgeries and the medical development has paced up the growth, but today’s implants cannot last more than ten years. They will require a replacement. Patients who get the implants will have to perform self-checks that they will need to know from the doctor on a regular basis, other than the annual checkups that your breast lift and implants surgeon will tell you about. As per the FDA, those who have taken silicone implants should get MRI scans at least three years after the surgery to know about noticeable leaks. Similarly, the breast augmentation patients when outlive their implants may receive a breast lift or the same procedure again. Keeping this in mind, they will have to regularly visit the certified plastic surgeon, preferably the one who performed the initial surgery, to get the update on what’s next in-line to beautify and protect their breast. 

You Should Stop Smoking: 

If you are smoking prior to getting the surgery done, you are committing a cardinal sin of breast augmentation. Whoever’s a tobacco smoker and is slated to get the surgery must stop it at least two weeks before the procedure. Every single cigarette smoke you inhale can put you in a risk. Even, many plastic surgeons refuse to perform the surgery, if this rule isn’t followed prior to it. Nicotine present in the cigarette can cause blood circulation problem and carbon monoxide can hinder the tissue healing process due to the lack of proper oxygen supply.



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