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Things You Must Do Right After Your Wedding 

We all know what a roller coaster of a ride wedding is. You are so swamped with all the preparations and arrangements pre-wedding that you don’t know when the actual day arrives. Once you have done and dusted the marriage ceremony and reception, the remaining things take a back seat and the idea of putting even a slightest bit of attention to things seem like a strenuous task. But, everything has its due time and expiration date. Right? As with all the pre-wedding preps, there are certain things that need your immediate attention post-wedding. Unfortunately, most of the brides tend to forget them or ignore them after the buzz of the day is over. Yes, definitely, spending time with your new husband seems like the top priority. However, dearies, there are some things that you must do right after your wedding and give them your full attention. We are feeling generous today, so we are listing down all those things here. So, if in case, you are still in your Bridezilla mode, you don’t have to freak out or worry, the things mentioned below will help you out. Give them a read, and prioritize them according to your wedding needs. 

We hope that you had a wedding hashtag specifically to be used for all your occasion pictures. If you had one, be sure to check all of your social apps to view what the guests posted about. We know you must be fighting the wedding withdrawal, so the best thing would be to save all the wedding fun from your friends and acquaintances’ social accounts. As soon as your wedding pictures and discussion subside on the social media, now is the time to think about something serious. In most cases, the wedding officiant is responsible for the marriage license. While the time may vary from place to place, try to get your marriage license as soon as possible. Once you have it, new prospects as a married couple will start opening up for you.  

Now that we have told you about the license, it is our duty to tell you that once you have it, you can officially opt for changing your last name if you want to. We understand you might need some time to fit into your new life and decide if you should go with this big name change or not. Weigh in your options and choices, and when you have decided, start the process as soon as you can. The process takes a bit of a time, so you would want to be done with it. Similarly, from bridal gowns Sydney to the wedding décor, there were a lot of people who were involved in making your big day the best day of your life. It is certainly a nice gesture to take out some time to send thank-you notes to the vendors who made your wedding dream a reality. You can also go to appropriate online wedding sites and leave a positive review and rating for your vendor as a thank-you gift. On the side, you should also send some notes or gifts to your guests for attending the wedding and staying with you throughout that beautiful experience.  

If you are a romantic couple, you would also want to freeze that first tier of your wedding cake to be eaten on the first anniversary, as dictated by the tradition. Similarly, the emotional brides who have a sentimental attachment with their wedding gowns, should also preserve them or seek a professional to do it for them. Another important thing to be taken care of at this time is your wedding registry. Now that you are done with your wedding, and most probably honeymoon, it is about time you close your wedding registry. Go through it completely, take your gifts into stock and see which things need to be kept and which need to be changed. Don’t forget to figure out your finances, and discuss the complete financial situation with your spouse as well. You two should sit together to see what’s left of your investment after the wedding and make a complete roadmap for a year of your newlywed life to come.  

These were almost all of the things that you must put your attention to, immediately after the wedding. Having said that, don’t forget to stay in touch with your photographer and videographer for all the albums, videos and pictures. Once you receive them, pick out the best ones and start sharing them on your social media. Share the peak of your happiness with everyone!

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