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Tips For Adding Or Modifying A Second Storey For Your House

Thinking about increasing the space of your home buying adding a second storey? You might also want to modify or expand a second story if one already exists. In some home, the second storey structure is partial, and can easily be expanded. If you want to take on such a project, here are several tips to keep in mind beforehand: 

Find Out about Building Regulations 

The first thing you should research before deciding to add a second storey to your home is the local law. The local city council would have building codes that you need to abide by. In some areas, height extensions would be limited. Homeowners may require special permits to add to the height of existing structures. Do all this before actually deciding to build or modify a second storey. If the local law bans it, you won’t be able to do this anyway.  

Hire the Right Equipment 

If you need to modify a structure in the second story, such as the windows, this would not be a regular DIY activity. You will need the right equipment, especially the necessary tools to reach the height of the second storey from the outside. You may need to find a lift hire Melbourne service. Therefore, before you begin, calculate the costs of equipment hire as well. Keep in mind that you will have to additionally rent equipment for reaching high places, other than the tools you already need to modify or renovate the house.  

Find a Great Contractor 

If you are adding a new storey, then you would need a great contractor for the job. There will be significant amounts of work associated with the modification. Howe well the second storey turns out will very much depend on the skill of the contractor you hire. Therefore, take care to find a reliable an highly experienced contractor in your area. Ask for recommendations from people you know. Read reviews for the contractor online. And make sure the contractor is transparent about prices before hiring a scissor lift Melbourne 

Coordinate the Design with the Existing Storey 

You probably don’t want the second storey to look completely different from the first. There are certain factors, such as window shape, size and proportion, that would need to be in line with the first storey structure. Therefore, make sure you coordinate the new design with the one that’s already exiting. A mistake here would make the overall building look just plain weird. It might hurt the resale value of the home later.  

Make Calculations Carefully 

Each square foot of the second storey would cost more to build than the first. This is because building a second story requires a lot more work, such as building a new roof, extending plumbing, adding staircases and so on. When making cost calculations, don’t assume the prices would be the same as the ground floor. Make sure you take into account additions as well. It’s highly recommended to seek expert help when making these cost calculation.  

Last but not least, think about where the family would live while the project is underway. Some construction work can be isolated, so the family can live downstairs. But this is not always the case. The family might have to relocate until all construction work has completed. Therefore, think about living changes you may have to undergo for the duration of the project before you begin.  



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.