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Tips To Choose Visa Migration Agent In Australia 

Australia has various classes of visa types for the applicants, with each type having its own sets of subclasses. Those who apply for skilled work visas in Australia will have to go through the process of choosing the right subclass as per its case to trigger the process in the right direction. After the incorporation of 482 immigration visa, it has got difficult for skilled workers to apply for permanent residency in Australia but that does not mean they cannot sign up for this. They just have to go through the conditions of 190 immigration visa to be eligible for the processing of its documents. DBIC is very particular regarding the visas it has been issuing on daily basis, and give more consideration to those applications which are coming in for permanent residency. One error in the application or one unintentional mistake, you are gone for refusal.

Therefore, it is mandatory to get the services of a right and credible agent along to guide you throughout the difficult process. SCA Connect has been doing this since the days of yore in Australia and is very well versed to the various visa policies and its legalities. They could be a good starting point to deal with your case of 190 migration. 

As we know how critical is the role of a migration visa to obtain an Australian visa, therefore, below are mentioned a few tips to guide you in choosing the right agent to pursue your case, such as:

Agent Or Lawyer

The first thing to do is to decide whether to go for a 190 visa migration agent Adelaide or a lawyer. Both do the same job for you however later one is involved if your case is specific and requires judicial or ministerial inquiries. You should start off by seeking a credible recommendation based on trust factor from your relatives, friends, and acquaintances. In case this does not work out, you can check out online, read the reviews and testimonials to form a base of your decision. Bear in mind that, your chosen source should be high on integrity, experience, and professionalism.


Migration agents and lawyers in Australia often are those who have been practicing in other fields as well such as family law or litigation, to name a few. Your agent should be specialised in the migration field only with the hands-on relevant experience. You can do an initial meeting with the prospects and ask them an important question to assess their approach and expertise. Then you would be in a better position to decide a visa agent for yourself in Australia.

Visa Expertise

As 190 migration visa is a difficult one to get, therefore, your chosen agent must have a specialty in dealing with such type of cases in Australia. The more experience your agent would be in this visa subclass, the more confident would be the visa processing.

Consultancy Meeting

You should set up a consultancy meeting with your agent and then, should bring all the documents, work experiences, sponsored letters, and other paperwork along to consult your case wholeheartedly with him. You can then check his response towards the prerequisites of 190 migration visa with respect to your case and work around the basic layout plan.

Honesty Matters

It is important that your 190 visa migration agent Adelaide is honest with you regarding your case. He should be able to tell you straight away if he is confident about your case or not and for what reasons, should also enable you to anticipate upcoming difficulties and complexities in obtaining this type of visa. On the other hand, you should be honest with him when it comes to sharing data and information about yourself and your intent.

Sign The Agreement

It is important that you and your selected agent must sign a contract, defining roles of each other towards the case at hand. As this whole deal is a legal binding hence should be treated like one. Do not forget to mention the payment clause in the agreement as it could get varied if not stated in writing.

SCA Connect in Australia comes quite handy in this regard due to their expertise and experience. Client satisfaction is their utmost priority which they ensure by keeping the applicants abreast about the latest status or any change in laws or rules with respect to the application on timely basis.



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Collaboratively harness market-driven processes whereas resource-leveling internal or "organic" sources. Competently formulate.