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You Give Us Your Painful Hip, We Return You a Pacified Body 

The total hip replacement is the surgical process in which the damaged cartilage and the bone are eliminated from your hip joint and then substituted with the prosthetic components. It could be interesting and beneficial for you to hold in your esteemed mind that your hip joint is the largest weight bearing joint in your God gifted body, and is located in between the thigh bone, femur, and your pelvis, acetabulum. To explain a bit more for you, this joint of yours is referred to as a ball and socket joint, the head of femur is the ball and the pelvic acetabulum constitutes the socket. Your joint is covered with a surface that performs the responsibility of a cushion and places you in a position to experience smooth joint movements! There are numerous diseases and conditions that could lead to the damage of your articular cartilage. Your total hip replacement could be construed as an alternative implemented to relieve you of the severe arthritis pain of yours that limits your normal activities.

Overview of arthritis.

Arthritis pinpoints towards the inflammation of your joints that results in pain, swelling, stiffness and your limited physical locomotion. Your hip arthritis is a common cause for the chronic hip ache and disability.  

There are three most usual kinds of arthritis that could affect your hip and compel you to decide in favour of your hip replacement Melbourne: 

  1. Osteoarthritis. 
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis. 
  3. Traumatic Arthritis. 

The osteoarthritis connotes gradual wearing away of the cartilage of your joint. As your defensive cartilage whittles down, the ends of your bone rub against each other thus emerge as the origin of pain in your hip. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the tissue forming the internal lining of your joint, Synovium, becomes swollen. This promotes loss of cartilage which causes you pain and hardness. The third category, namely, traumatic arthritis, results from injury or fracture relating to your God created hip. The cartilage could be damage resultant and you feel ache and inflexibility in your hip over a time period.  

The symptoms in connection with your hip arthritis embrace joint pain and limited range of your hip motion and as your arthritis grows you begin to feel pain in the night too. 


Your diagnostic package with the hip surgeon would embrace evaluation of medical history, physical examination and X- rays, the MRI, Mirror resonance imaging, scan is strongly recommended. 

Non-Surgical Management 

  1. Exercise and physical treatment. 
  2. Monitoring of your weight. 
  3. Medication. 

The Surgical Process. 

The surgical operation in relation to your thigh replacement Melbourne could be in the shape of arthroscopy or the conventional hip replacement. The total hip replacement comprises the surgical procedure in which parts of your arthritic or damaged joint are eliminated and replaced. The resulting prosthetic joint is configured to perform movement precisely like a healthy hip. 

Post-operative Scenario. 

You could be asked to undergo exercises by your physiotherapist. Some of the generally suggested precautions include the subsequently mentioned ones: 

  1. You would have to avoid excessive integrated movement of your hip as  well as your feet inwards. 
  2. Refrain from crossing over your legs and bending your hips past a right angle,90 Degrees . 
  3. Stay away from sitting on low chairs pertaining to your hip substitution Melbourne. 
  4. Benefit from an elevated toilet seat for the first 4 to 6 weeks.  

The Involved Prospects. 

The probable but uncommon complications following your total hip replacement could comprise: 



3.Fracture of your femur or pelvis.

4.Injury to nerves or the blood vessels. 

5.Blot clots in the veins of your leg. 

6.Leg length inequality. 

7.The hip prosthesis may degenerate. 

8.Failure to relieve you of your pain. 

9.Formation of scar. 

You should rest assured with the stunning reality that the total hip replacement is one of the most successful orthopedic operations that could be performed with the arthritis of your hip. This process could relieve you of your pain, restore your hip function, upgrade your movements at your workplace as well as at play and extend to you the popularly sought manner of living enjoyed by the common man.  

In view of this composition, it is very much foreseen that you would be in a comfortable mental state to decide whether you should go for your hip replacement or not and if yes, then you shall take a very little time to start living with your new lifetime filled up with your hip delights! 



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